Midwestern utility giant, Ameren, partnered with Simantel to better communicate their commitment to providing clean and efficient energy. Long story short, amerencsr.com was born.

We’re proud to announce Ameren’s 2016 corporate social responsibility (CSR) report won multiple global, regional and industry honors from the League of American Communication Professionals’ Vision Awards. The contest draws hundreds of entries from Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies around the world.

At-a-glance, Simantel’s collaborative effort with Ameren:

  • Was recognized as one of the Top 100 Winners Worldwide, ranking 20 out of 1,000+
  • Was one of the top reports in the Americas Region, ranking fourth.
  • Won Platinum for “Best Report Narrative” in the Americas Region for the theme “Achieving Balance.”
  • Won several Platinum honors for industry sub-categories including Electric Utilities and Multi-/Water/Traders Utilities.

Beyond that, we’re pretty pumped that our team and the utility’s CSR Steering Committee keep raising the bar, year after year, on the company’s reporting efforts.

How did we do it, together?

1. By Crafting a Compelling Narrative:

Ameren CSR_pic1

Other companies tend to list statistics and activities without providing much context. But Ameren helps audiences understand “what they do and why they do it,” with a goal of deeper stakeholder understanding. This theme is woven consistently throughout the report.

2. By Developing an Immersive User Experience:

Ameren Site_pic2

Rather than feeling like they are “consuming” content, visitors become a part of Ameren’s efforts. Users can share their priorities and even help Ameren become a more sustainable company by supporting renewable power initiatives and reducing their energy use. And pages come alive with crisp HTML animations.

3. By Staging Core Content in Multiple Formats


Diverse audiences have diverse consumption preferences. Knowing we needed to connect with a vast range of audiences — across age groups and personal interests — Simantel and Ameren stages this report in multiple formats, including a full microsite that looks stunning on desktops, but also responsive for table and mobile users.

A big shout out to the Simantelites who continue to help power Ameren’s communication efforts. Take a look at some of our other award-winning work or contact us to learn how we can help your company tackle its challenges.