(Left to right: Nicki Urban, Brandon Moss, Susan Scott, Margaret Eby)(Left to right: Nicki Urban, Brandon Moss, Susan Scott, Margaret Eby)

Guys, over here.

Join us in congratulating four recently promoted members of our Client Services team. We could barely get these hard-working folks to stop and take a picture for our blog. Even though their days are rarely the same, their commitment to our clients never wavers. Each of them have proven time and time again that they are up for the challenge. They may be a little crazy, but we are proud to call them ours. From left to right, meet the team members fulfilling new roles.


Nicki Urban, Senior Account Manager

Nicki has worked her way from Project Manager to Account Manager to now Senior Account Manager in a matter of three short years. Her key accounts include Cat Global Mining, Cat EMSolutions, Cat SOS and AMIN Worldwide. She played a crucial role on the award winning team responsible Cat EMSolutions’ Know Your Fleet campaign.

When I’m not at Simantel you can find me: working out, doing something outdoors, traveling, cocktailing – and on a good day, a healthy mixture of all four.


Brandon Moss, Senior Account Manager

Brandon joined Simantel in 2014 as an Account Manager on key accounts such as OSF Healthcare Foundation, Caterpillar HSD and Ameren. Brandon brought with him a wealth of consulting experience with organizations from Fortune 50 to small businesses to nonprofits.

When I’m not at Simantel you can find me: being “dad.” No matter if it’s catching a Cardinal’s game, completing a household project or hitting the pool, I always have a few kids in tow.


Susan Scott, Senior Account Manager

In 2014, Susan brought her digital, radio, print and film knowledge to Simantel. Her past experience ranges from production to management to ownership. Key accounts include Caterpillar GCI Latin America, Caterpillar Governmental and Caterpillar Heavy Rental. She’s originally from Kentucky, has a true Midwestern work ethic and is committed to extending our client’s reach into global markets.

When I’m not at Simantel you can find me: with my family! A great husband and a cute, spunky son.


Margaret Eby, Account Manager

Margaret joined Simantel in 2014 as a Project Manager and quickly displayed her dedication to our clients and their cause. Her key accounts include Easter Seals and Cat Product Support. Her dedication to help Easter Seals raise money to provide comprehensive services to children with development disabilities and other special needs is inspiring.

When I’m not at Simantel you can find me: hiking, drinking craft beer or studying for my yoga teacher certification.


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