This is where we tell you we’re not like every other agency, right? Stress our rule-breaking and ping-pong table?

Well, we don’t have a ping-pong table, but we do have a Midwestern work ethic and an insatiable need to tackle challenges. Work with us and we’ll handle your problems as if they are our own.*

What we do

How we do it


We’re an independent firm, which means we call the shots. No stockholders, no hierarchy, no nonsense. This allows us to be flexible and nimble enough to adapt to our clients’ needs.


We’re proud members of AMIN (Advertising Marketing Independent Network), giving us partner agencies in 30 countries. AMIN strengthens our global reach and connects our clients with communities around the world.


We work tirelessly to embrace the latest technology. Our tech-savvy, combined with over 30+ years of industry experience, results in the best solutions for clients. We’ve produced award-winning work and continually prove our staying power through mastering the newest industry trends.


Our agency partners and directors are tasked with pushing Simantel forward, while maintaining our integrity, quality of work and culture. This crew has the know-how and personalities to get stuff done. Learn more about our leaders. Oh, and we’re a certified Female Business Enterprise.

Have a challenge we can help you with? Contact us in Peoria (309) 674-7747 or email us at We look forward to meeting you.

*Clarification: we’ll only tackle marketing problems as if they were our own. We’re not calling your ex, we have no plumbing skills and we won’t negotiate a raise on your behalf with HR.