We’ve spent that past two weeks talking about our motion media department’s serious upgrade. We’ve shared how essential video is to marketers looking to stay relevant. After all, video influences decision-makers, customers and internal audiences in a way that print can’t.

But enough about how serious video can be. Video is also fun. It can entertain, spark emotion and delight us to the point where we just have to share it with all of our friends.

To wrap up our video announcement and to kick off your weekend right, we compiled some of our employees’ favorite YouTube videos.


With Halloween coming up, this video must have been on Simantelites’ minds because it was mentioned several times. For a video about candy, it does turn sweet at the end:

Read our lips: this video is hilarious. 

We weren’t surprised to see this YouTube classic mentioned as a favorite:

Couldn’t write about the best of YouTube without mentioning Susan Boyle. There were some tears in the office after watching this video for the millionth time.

Some people like to horse around during storms.

Apparently, this kid has watched some dinosaur movies in his day. 

No YouTube round-up would be complete without a cat video. This one comes courtesy of Carly:

In fact, cat videos are so popular, should we be using them in ads like the funny people over at John St. suggest?

Tanya’s daughter shares Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” in a special way:

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