Cue Dylan. Times, they are a-changin’.

New technologies are revolutionizing our industry. Marketers can now deliver data-rich, targeted, multi-platform solutions for clients, but these tech tools have deepened the need for specialized talent at creative shops. For agencies, offering more services means needing more skillsets in-house.

Adding new talent can mean recalibrating the agency as a whole. Some agencies find that increasing capacities can lead to siloed departments and the end of collaboration. Workplace culture, the linchpin to agency creativity, can weaken or dissipate.

At Simantel, we believe our modest size and independence benefits our clients and informs who we are as a group. We live for a challenge, and are excited to be tackling new areas of our industry and do more for our clients. In this spirit, we’ve brought on new teammates (look for intros soon) and beefed up our offerings. We are growing, both in size and skills, but refuse to compromise the culture that informs the work. We remain true to our core belief:  inspired ideas can change everything.

So how will we grow while preserving who we are?

Enter the Simantel directors. This new team of leaders will serve as both experts in their fields and the Simantel way. They will provide a holistic view of how we’re doing business. It is their role to push the limits while ensuring team cohesion. They will be our command center, encouraging our progress while reminding the team of home base.

Help us congratulate our directors. To learn more about each of them, click their names below.


ABBY BELL | Marketing Automation Director


ANNETTE JONES | Account Director


BARRY LITTLEJOHN | Account Director


CHRIS MOEHN | Creative Director

JAKE BEYHL | Creative Director


JASON BROWN | Insights Director


TANYA SIMPSON | Director of Operations