When we brought home gold for Campaign of the Year: B2B at the 2014 Ad Age Small Agency Awards, we got to thinking about the word “small.”

At the outset, small certainly doesn’t suggest something significant, something impactful. But to us, it’s just the opposite.

In fact, small is everything. It’s being strong and independent, not constantly weighed down by red tape. It’s a passion for rising to the challenge, not taking a cookie cutter approach to every job and every client. It’s about passion and culture – a place where our employees can do the best work of their lives in a fun and creative environment.

For a deeper grasp on what it means to be a small and independent marketing firm, we asked some of our groundbreaking thought leaders for their take. Here’s what they said:


Susie Ketterer – Principal

“Today, you don’t have to be big to be mighty. In fact, being agile, passionate and connected brings our clients real advantages. Having the ability to partner with other like-minded entrepreneurial agencies, all connected to their own cultures, has been a huge advantage to clients who are adapting marketing efforts to various regions around the world.”


Kevin McConaghy – Principal

“Our clients really appreciate that they have access to all levels in the agency. We aren’t bound by anything outside of ourselves. So, senior level people are directly engaged with clients and actively involved in the work. And our account team is more than the voice of our clients, but also has a voice in the work. We like it that way.”


Maggie Whalen – VP, Executive Creative Director

“Well, this is pretty easy to answer. Here, we choose people over policy and process and manage from a place of trust and common sense. We have fun because it helps us do good work and it makes people happy. We work really hard here and feel it is important for our people to have the freedom to unwind and re-energize.”


Misty Dykema – VP, Strategic Services

“As a small, independent business, our ‘get it done’ attitude not only inspires our day-to-day, but it also builds passion for doing great things in our community. Our teams see that doing something “bigger than us” sometimes takes a fighting spirit, and giving back to other small organizations in our region is just one way we get to take our work passions and make an impact where we live.”


Tim Leesman – VP, Director of Client Services

“We want our relationships with clients to be built on trust, collaboration, accountability and honesty. Our size affords us the ability to deliver on these things in a very genuine way – one that allows our clients to share in the ‘family’ feel we’ve developed and cultivated over the years.”


Chris Moehn – Creative Director

“One of the biggest differences we have from a creative perspective is our culture. We attract talented people who truly care about doing great work, not just climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes, larger agencies can focus all of their attention on the bottom line, instead of taking a hard look at the creative product as well. Not us.”


Tanya Simpson – Director of Operations

“‘It’s the people.’ That’s what I hear more often than not when talking to prospective employees about their want to work here. They’re drawn to our size and culture because it’s about family, and that gives people a sense of belonging and ownership. When you’re brought on, you are a meaningful contributor to the overall well-being of our family.”


Tiffany Britt – Strategy Director

Tiffany Britt

“Being a small, independent agency makes us attractive to innovative, creative thinkers. Our company is filled with multi-passionate intellectuals who are not only analytical and data-driven, but also understand brands, experiential marketing and storytelling. Our team members have the heart of an artist, curiosity of a marketer, discipline of a scientist and hunger of a life-long student. The size of our company allows us to nurture these qualities and provide an environment that gives the freedom to innovate. This leads to personal growth, professional growth and ultimately success for our clients.”

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