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The CAT® 306 CR Lifts More and Wins More

Recently, Simantel and Caterpillar took on a new initiative aimed at raising awareness for the new mini excavator, the Cat® 306 CR. To grab the attention of consumers, we created a short, fun video series focusing on the value messages of the 306 CR. This campaign centered around a key differentiator and a popular topic of customer feedback for the little powerhouse — its superior lift capacity. We developed a concept that utilized humor and disruptive visuals to personify the 306 CR as a workout “machine” in a local gym. With a benefit-focused theme, a highly-relatable setting and plenty of relevant jokes — the “Lift More” concept caught the eye of audiences across digital media channels and invited them to see the 306 CR in action, from the gym to the job site.

Ultimately, our hard work paid off. The campaign has taken home a Bronze Telly Award in the Branded Content category.

Messaging Rationale

The Cat 306 CR was manufactured with its customers in mind. Loaded with options and differentiators, none are more striking than its lift capacity –– maxing out at over 8,000 pounds. As an industry leader, the 306 CR does a whole lot more than lift weights, and we wanted to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. So, we highlighted its capacity by personifying the 306 CR as a weight-lifting legend, providing genuine stats and humor to raise awareness.

Cue the Rocky music. Get the sweatbands ready. It’s time to lift more with the 306 CR.

Key Messages

  • Lift capacity
  • Industry-first features like Cat Stick Steer and cruise control
  • New customizable monitor
  • Performance gains of up to 20 percent

Marketing Materials

  • awareness content
  • Print ad
  • “Lift More” series teaser video
  • “Lift More” key message promotional videos
  • Digital banner

The Videos





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