Join Us on Wednesday, October 23 at 10:30 a.m. CDT

The 2020 planning season has begun. And when it comes down to it, brands need to deliver a memorable experience across the entire customer journey. But that’s easier said than done. How do marketers and content creators know what is truly a trend to explore or just another buzzword? Well, we’re here to straighten it all out and help future proof your marketing plans.

Join our principal, Tim Leesman and senior experience strategist, Gena Killion, as they dive into key areas to take into your 2020 planning sessions. This webinar will cover pain points we hear first-hand from other B2B marketers and how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

What you’ll hear about:

  • Trends to help you rally around CX
  • Ideas for leveraging AI
  • Ideas for using interactive content
  • Ways to engage with your social communities online and off
  • Exercises to help you think beyond siloed campaign