Understanding the Consumer and the Brand

In the Strategy phase we dig deep into the audience and brand. We roll up our sleeves and methodically do our research. This means we look at brand identity, how different functions within a brand work together and the strategy behind campaigns and messaging–all in support of the greater customer experience.

We also get to know the audience, their behaviors, how they use media and what is most likely to push them to take action. Through these insights, we identify the moments that matter the most in their journey and craft a sound strategy that creates fusion between consumer expectations and a brand’s goals.


Customer Experience

We create awesome consumer experiences throughout the buying cycle. This includes understanding the customer, building journeys and activating on them. This often begins with understanding an organization’s brand and then ensuring that brand aligns with consumer expectations.


Brand Identity & Messaging

Creating, refreshing, consolidating and reinventing brands is our passion. It's more than your logo. It's a look, a feel, a whole identity system, and all of the interactions your customers have with your brand.


Experiential Marketing

Also called engagement marketing, in-person marketing or event marketing. But we’re talking about experiences beyond a billboard or a booth. Experiential marketing ties together your online and offline efforts.



The best marketing is informed by research and insights. We use both primary and secondary research to understand the customer and their behavior — both online and off.


Persona & Journey Building

Built from research to help you deliver personalized messages and experiences. Developing personas and journeys beyond basic demographics can breathe life into your strategy and help tailor the approach.


Content Strategy

Moving beyond words on a page and an editorial calendar and into developing the "why" behind your content. This vision guides content development and is the engine to inspire your customer to act.


Technology Consultation & Automation

Through endless technology options, how do you know which to choose? And what will align with your marketing strategy? Our technical support provides direction and strategy for automating your data flow.

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