Welcome to the age of “Industrial Consumerism.” It’s a time and place where customer expectations in B2B markets are mirroring those of consumers in the B2C space. Why? Well, the line between work and life is blurry. How we live, act and think outside of our workplaces is impacting how we do business. B2B customers are having always on, multi-channel experiences in their daily lives as consumers, and they expect those same types of experiences in their business interactions.

Simantel is an industrial consumer marketing firm living at the intersection of business insights and customer expectations. Our ability to create engaging, positive customer experiences for industrial brands is our not-so secret-sauce. (Hell, we tell everyone.)

Not Your Average Relationships

And we’re not your average agency — especially when it comes to client relationships. The average relationship in the industry is less than three years. Ours is 10+, and one client has even been with us over 35 years.


35+ years partnering with Caterpillar, the world's largest construction equipment manufacturer. <br> <a href="/work/caterpillar">Read More</a>

LG Seeds

20+ years partnering with LG Seeds, a national industry leader in agriculture. <br> <a href="/work/lg-seeds">Read More</a>


6+ years partnering with Knapheide Manufacturing, North America’s most popular manufacturer of truck bodies and beds. <br> <a href="/work/knapheide">Read More</a>

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