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Jillian Light and Chrissie Niedens Promoted to Simantel Executive Team

We have so much to celebrate this year! Not only is it our 40(ish)anniversary, we’re excited to announce the promotion of two long-time team members to the executive director team; Jillian Light has been named Chief Operations Officer and Chrissie Niedens has taken the reigns as Chief Financial Officer.

The People Person: Jillian Light, COO

Jillian Light began her journey at Simantel in 2006 as an account coordinator and moved into project management before transitioning to human resources, where she’s served as director for the last four years. Jillian’s unique in-the-work perspective helps her design and drive business operations in ways that empower our employees to do their best work.

For Jillian, it’s all about the people. She shared, “Simantelites are the most talented, caring and hilarious group and it’s been a privilege to work with them for the last 16 years. Their work ethic and commitment to delivering fantastic work for clients is inspiring. I’m looking forward to continuing to find ways to make being a Simantelite a truly rewarding experience.”

The Financial Facilitator: Chrissie Niedens, CFO

Also rising up the ranks is Chrissie Niedens, who started at Simantel in 2010 as a staff accountant and has held multiple positions within accounting during her time here. Chrissie joined the leadership team in 2016, fulfilling the duties of controller for the last six years. As CFO, she will play an even larger role in managing financials and supporting the agency’s ambitious growth objectives.

Chrissie values the teamwork aspect of her job. “I look forward to continuing to deliver for Simantel as Chief Financial Officer. I am proud and humbled to be amongst an incredible group of fellow executives, leaders and staff who work hard every day to deliver stellar work for our clients,” Chrissie says.

“Their Advice[…] Got Us Through This Time”

Principal and co-owner Misty Dykema credits the duo as the glue holding a lot of things together for the business. “Considering the complexities presented to us with COVID, the need for stronger employee engagement, retention, training and recruitment strategies, a new hybrid work-from-home culture, record agency growth and an office move and remodel on top of it all, we are blessed to have such talented, driven professionals leading these critical areas of our company.”

“Individually, and as a working team, they have stepped up and led the agency, the executive team and the ownership team through many unprecedented scenarios and situations,” continued co-owner and principal Tim Leesman. “Their candid advice and foresight, in many ways, is what got us through this time.”

Milestone Celebration

Though their roles often aren’t as visible outside of our agency as internally, these women move our business forward every day. The addition of Jillian and Chrissie to the executive team shows positive momentum and adaptation to the ever-changing business landscape. These promotions mark major milestones for these humans and our agency. Talk about a win-win. Cheers to Chrissie and Jillian!

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