• Co-owner and Principal of Simantel with more than 15 years of agency experience
  • Is a certified workshop facilitator and strategy lead, guiding executive teams through alignment
  • Has experience in both B2B and B2C industries, including manufacturing, energy, logistics, agriculture, higher-education and finance
  • Focuses on developing new and enhanced capabilities for the agency, in technology-driven areas of the business
  • Is an executive coach of Bradley University’s Theresa Falcon Executive MBA program
  • Currently on the Americas Board of the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN)
  • Is the host and lead of Simantel’s Marketing Sweats podcast, launched in 2020
  • Developer and co-facilitator of The Leader’s Life forum, a confidential program for rising and senior leaders seeking collaborative discussions and deep-dive coaching on career and organizational development

Did you know?

Misty loves spicy foods so much that she has been known to carry hot sauce in her purse. But if she could also carry a whiteboard in her purse, she would. There’s no challenge too complex that Misty can’t whiteboard.