Since Susie and Kevin’s first day as owners at Simantel, they’ve focused on setting the agency up for success in the future. From 2003, they’ve continued to grow an ever-expanding list of capabilities, as well as a strong team that has seen the firm go from 17 to more than 75 employees in a dozen years.

As leadership continues to look at the years ahead, they decided to take the next step in their long-term plan, one that expands ownership to include additional experience, passion and dedication to Simantel employees and clients.

So as of July 1, 2015, our ownership team has gotten a bit larger, and we’ve got a few big-time congratulations to hand out.

Misty Dykema and Tim Leesman have been announced as agency partners, joining Maggie Whalen Misselhorn, our fearless creative leader, who joined the ownership team in 2009.

With a combined 23 years of Simantel experience, Misty and Tim have transitioned into critical leadership roles over the last five years and have been instrumental in driving our agency forward in several different areas, including client services, research, strategy and more.

“This is an exciting step for Simantel’s future, one that Kevin and I have tremendous confidence in,” says Susie Ketterer. “They are a dynamic and passionate group of leaders, and along with our incredible team at Simantel, our future is more than solid.”

Although all three are focused on key service areas within the agency, they’ve proven their ability to collaborate, take a wide-angled view of Simantel and understand the decisions that need to be made—for our clients and employees.

In the short-term, you’ll still find Maggie pushing the limits with our entire creative team, Tim engaging in client initiatives and Misty driving our research and strategy. But in the long term, the team will continue to develop other areas of Simantel leadership—including a new team of directors—so Simantel can continue its legacy of client success.

Join us in congratulating Maggie, Misty and Tim. We’re certainly happy to have them pushing our agency forward in years to come.


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