Few things bring people together like a good ol’ fashioned barbecue.

So as a farewell to the summer months, we lit up the smokers and cooked a few monstrous cuts of meat. We’re talking three brisket flats, three pork shoulders, six racks of baby back ribs and a few pounds of chicken and steak wrapped in bacon. Oh, the bacon.

Armed with an assortment of smokers, wood chunks and grill tools, the cooking team arrived bright and early to get their fires started. By late afternoon, the “meats of their labor” had been smoked to perfection, and were paired with a long list of tasty side dishes and a few ice-cold beers.

Does it get any better than that? We didn’t think so.

Here’s a video recap of the smoking, eating and most importantly, the #SimantelMeatSweats.

Simantel: Smoke on the Water 2015 from Simantel on Vimeo.