How to Build a Contact Washing Machine to Clean-up Your Dirty Data

Inaccuracies, misspellings, missing fields and inconsistencies can bog down the team working with your database of customers and prospects. The hype around big data almost makes it sound easy. But the reality is that once you obtain that data, cleaning it up can be a major issue when trying to reach your customers. Midsize and large companies are even blacklisted by their marketing automation platform for issues like high bounce rate. The measures that marketing automation platforms have in place to prevent spam can be overwhelming for companies. Making clean data even more important.

Become the boss of your dirty data by building a Contact Washing Machine to keep your data clean. Marketing automation platform, Oracle Eloqua, has made this process easier to develop and manage with the Contact Washing Machine App.

Benefits of a Contact Washing Machine:

  • Clean and normalized data
  • Ability to market to contacts who are not currently being reached due to incorrect or no contact data
  • Better segmentation
  • Quicker list uploads with less manual cleansing and less chance of error
  • Standardized Reporting on fields like country, region and more
  • Better performing personalization
  • More accurate lead routing and lead scoring

Luckily, the Oracle Eloqua program canvas allows you to automate repetitive manual tasks like data cleansing. Are you ready to get started? Download our whitepaper How to Build your Own Contact Washing Machine for a step-by-step guide to get started.