Beyond the Expected

A family company six generations strong, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company remains the leader in commercial vehicle solutions. We connected with Knapheide in early 2013, first tackling a branding initiative focused on a partnership between Sortimo International and Knapheide. Our teams clicked, and together we turned our efforts to reinvigorating the overall Knapheide brand. It has been our privilege to work directly with the family owners to usher the company into its next generation of growth, while paying homage to the major successes of their past.


More Than Marketing

In our work with Knapheide, we don’t just stick to marketing. We’ve been able to give business consultation, providing insights and fresh thinking to their well-oiled teams. And through detailed analytics, we have helped blend marketing and sales in a way that empowers both teams and provides a superior customer experience.


We Get Their Distributor Network

We were able to leverage our deep knowledge of complex distributor networks from our work with other industrial clients. This allowed us to illustrate to Knapheide that we understood what distributors were up against and what tools were most helpful to them throughout the buyer's journey. Ramp up time was low to no.


Training Their Teams

Knapheide was interested in using marketing automation as a tool, but they wanted their internal team to run it after we helped them get it established. As their partner, we said, “No problem.” We helped them stand up Eloqua and then trained and guided their staff. It was a no-brainer to us to help them reach their goal. Together, we added capabilities to our collective team.

I like working with Simantel because they are willing to help or answer questions even now that the branding process is over. Not only were they supportive during the entire process; they are also supportive after the fact, offering additional tools and support as needed.
Erin Frazier
Manager of Creative and Event Services

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20+ years partnering with LG Seeds and evolving with an industry leader in agriculture. What started as a rebranding effort after an acquisition has come full circle; we recently helped LG Seeds with another rebrand as a result of adding four more companies to their growing portfolio.


35+ years of partnering with Caterpillar and their customers to build a better world. It began with a simple construction equipment brochure in 1982 and grew into countless creative and strategic endeavors that have spanned the globe. It’s unheard of for a client-agency relationship to last three decades. With Caterpillar, we’re going on our fourth.