LG Seeds

From Underdog to Industry Leader

Twenty years ago, a small, regional seed company in the agriculture business needed help with rebranding after a brand acquisition. From the beginning, we could see in LG Seeds what they saw in themselves — a future industry leader. Though back then they were modest in size and reach, but we always approached the brand as if it was already leading the pack. Through years of hard work and collaboration, LG Seeds turned that aspiration into reality. These days our path has come full circle; we recently helped LG Seeds with another rebranding as a result of an acquisition. This time, LG Seeds added four more companies to their growing portfolio.


Ag At Heart

Blame it all on our roots. Our agency is located in the heart of farm country and we have employees who know and love the industry. Some have worked in agriculture and some are even the proud sons or daughters of farmers. Our appreciation of the industry, of the lifestyle, is reflected in the strategies and campaigns we create.


Partner in Growth

Growth means change, and we’ve stuck with LG Seeds through each phase of their evolution. That means being flexible to their needs and partnering with their internal resources to get the most out of each and every team member. Afterall, strategic thinking and creative ideas come from inside the company too. And LG Seeds is a great example of just that.


Full Service

Whatever LG Seeds needs, they get. That includes creative consultations, brand development, media strategy and buying, website development, direct mail campaigns, photoshoots, promotional item purchasing and so much more.

Contact Us

You've done your research and seen some of our work, but there's so much more to talk about. Want to chat? Give us a call, send an email, tweet us — you get the idea. We'd love to hear from you.


6+ years of partnering with Knapheide Manufacturing to reinvigorate a 160-year-old brand. Together, we pushed the boundaries and transformed an already successful truck manufacturer into a modern marketing machine that is now automated and rooted in analytics.


35+ years of partnering with Caterpillar and their customers to build a better world. It began with a simple construction equipment brochure in 1982 and grew into countless creative and strategic endeavors that have spanned the globe. It’s unheard of for a client-agency relationship to last three decades. With Caterpillar, we’re going on our fourth.