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A Career Path to Self-Discovery with Clay Deal

Many of the stories uncovered in our Point of Pride series detail a specific project, experience or relationship that made a lasting impact on one of our Simantelites. But Clay Deal’s story is a little different than the rest. After taking a non-traditional career path and going back to school in his thirties, Clay graduated from Bradley with a passion for marketing and his sights set on landing a job at one of two companies. And in 2016, one of those companies hired him on. But at the time, Clay’s journey to self-discovery and professional growth was only beginning, and he eventually found himself wondering if he could make a bigger impact somewhere else. So when he was approached by another company for a unique opportunity in marketing, he took it.

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In his story, Clay tells the tale of two companies, and how he had to experience them both to find out what made one feel like home. Listen as he talks about his winding career path, his experience going from marketing novice to strategy powerhouse and the impact that good leadership and unwavering teamwork (that turned into friendship) had on him. Clay’s story of how he slowly but surely gained the confidence to reach his full potential and become the great leader he is today is one you won’t want to miss.

To hear more, head over to and check out our very special Season 6 where you can hear a full interview with Clay and other Simantelites as they share their Point of Pride in celebration of our 40ish anniversary.

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