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Developing an Interactive Tradeshow Experience with Alan Wilson

Senior Web Developer, Alan Wilson discovered early during his time at Simantel the kind of magic that results from talented Simantelites coming together to collaborate. That’s what happened when our Caterpillar client asked us to create an interactive experience for participants at the CONEXPO tradeshow where they could check in to each station via QR codes.

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In his story, Alan dives into the backend details that often go unnoticed but are essential to a flawless user experience. You’ll hear the story of how his team divided, conquered and then switched roles to cross-check each other’s work and avoid the fatigue that can happen when there are so many details and data points to consider. He talks about how a sudden, last-minute technology and privacy update derailed the work that was already done, and the creative way the team powered through to test and deliver a seamless tradeshow experience. And finally, this wouldn’t be a true story from 2020 if there wasn’t mention of that fateful event that impacted the world – the COVID-19 pandemic, which just so happened to fall at the exact moment the experience was released at the tradeshow.

From start to finish, from expectations to the harsh reality that hit us in 2020, Alan takes us through it all as he narrates his career-defining moment that became his Point of Pride. Like many of our other stories, it was ultimately the combination of an exciting client request, unforeseen bumps in the road and a team of passionate employees who knew we were better together.

To hear more, head over to and check out our very special Season 6 where you can hear a full interview with Alan and other Simantelites as they share their Point of Pride in celebration of our 40ish anniversary.

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