The world is getting smaller. Some may see that as negative statement, but for our group it’s just the opposite. To us, a shrinking world signals an increase in reach, both for clients and our agency.

Look no further than the next couple of days at Simantel for proof.

This week, we’re playing host to several executives from ad agencies located in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Australia and other locations in the United States. We’ve worked with several of these partners over the last few years on a number of projects, including an ongoing Caterpillar initiative that involves creating content for the North American audience and then transforming it to be relevant in other regions around the world.

This open collaboration is made possible by AMIN Worldwide, a network of 50 independent advertising agencies with 90 locations in 30 countries. Our own Susie Ketterer, principal at Simantel and president of AMIN Americas for the last two years, has led the charge for leveraging the network across the globe, constantly looking for additional ways to collaborate and take advantage of each partner’s expertise in their specific region or location.

But according to Susie, these connections offer more than just creative talent and innovative ideas. It’s not just about translating words, but translating ideas and strategies. To succeed at this, you need boots-on-the-ground information and a high level of local knowhow. You need to understand the businesses, culture, and most importantly the people.

“To be successful with global initiatives, we need to be connected on a hyper-local level so we can adapt to language, culture and regional business opportunities.”- Susie Ketterer

Would this have been possible ten years ago? Maybe, but it would’ve been much more difficult and much more costly. It’s networks like AMIN that continue to shrink the globe and bring more opportunity to the Peoria area. It levels the playing field for small businesses and turns being independent and agile into a major advantage.

Meet our guests from AMIN Worldwide:

• Jody Frost from Thinking Juice (United Kingdom)

• Femi Odewunmi from INK Brand Agency (Nigeria)

• Phil Huzzard & Domenic Brasacchio from Accelerator (Australia)

• Sam Lueder & Scott Merrit from Dalton Agency (Jacksonville, FL & Atlanta, GA)

Not only are we happy to have our friends in town to collaborate on current projects, but we’re also obsessed with showing off the community where we live, work and play. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter as our visitors explore Peoria over the next couple of days.