Being a member of the AMIN Worldwide network enables us to work with enthusiastic, inventive and courageous people from around the globe. Recently, we spent quite a bit of time with some of those amazing partners. We made introductions, collaborated, brainstormed, watched Cat® machine demonstrations, learned the rules for Australian football and ate too much barbecue — squeezing as many activities as we could into their quick stay in Peoria.

Though it wasn’t their first visit to the United States, it was their first trip to our town. So as proud Peorians, we made sure to give them a taste of what our thriving city has to offer.

At the end of the trip, we sat down and talked with our guests about their visit — what they liked, how they’d describe their experience and what they’d take back to their home. We even had them answer a couple of Peoria trivia questions.

A big thanks to Femi, Domenic, Jody and Phil for spending a few days in our hometown. It was wonderful meeting you in person. We’re looking forward to scheduling return trips to the U.K., Australia and Nigeria and hope to see you soon!