FullSizeRenderOur team recently returned from Little Rock, Arkansas where we met up with our AMIN Worldwide partners for the AMIN Integrated Conference. This was our chance to compare notes with talented minds from over 50 of the best and brightest independent marketing agencies in the country.

We enjoyed educational sessions, panels and good conversation. We even channeled our creative energy into crafting our own signature cocktails (under the guidance of famed mixologist David Burnette). Coincidentally the name of the winning cocktail also made a fitting name for this blog.

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While we’re keeping our cocktail recipes confidential, we are happy to share some of the topics we discussed at the conference:



Big Data

Data is everywhere. It’s no longer an added perk for marketers, it has now become the expectation. While big data is nothing new, we have never had this much information at our fingertips. In the late 1800’s, the U.S. Census Bureau took eight years to compile their data. Now, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race, according to Forbes. But only half of a percent of today’s data is analyzed and used. Imagine the potential.

Charles Morgan, founder of Acxiom, former IBM systems engineer and author of Matters of Life and Data, shared what he learned throughout his career studying data: it’s not about the amount of data you have, but what people choose to do with it.

The overflow of data is not replacing people. It’s important not to ignore company culture and continue to nurture employees. Human intelligence will always be needed to analyze the data and optimized marketing campaigns accordingly.



Many big brands are already leveraging what has become known as “traditional” social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; but now marketers are looking to leverage Snapchat.

The young platform focused on ephemeral content has more than 100 million users and 8 billion video views per day.

Turning to popular Snapchat stars is one way. Cyrene Q, a Snapchat influencer, joined the panel Pushing Social Media Connection to the Edge to discuss how she works with brands like Disney and Walmart. After her fan base grew, companies began paying her to produce branded snaps. By posting on her story, she can receive roughly 100,000 views and up to $10,000…for one video or picture that disappears after 10 seconds.

The key take-away: a younger, more tech-savvy generation also means a shorter attention span. Brands shouldn’t just be running a Snapchat campaign alone either, it’s more beneficial to integrate its use as a part of an entire channel strategy.


What Motivates People

Are you a harmonizer or a thinker? Are you trying to work with an imaginer or a promoter? Dr. Nate Regier, CEO of Next Element, used the Process Communication Model, an internationally acclaimed, language- and behavior-based model to help attendees better understand themselves in order to better communicate with others.

Based on the Process Communication Model, there are six types of personalities.  

  • Harmonizer – compassionate, sensitive and warm
  • Thinker – logical, responsible and organized
  • Rebel – spontaneous, creative and playful
  • Persister – dedicated, observant and conscientious
  • Promoter – adaptable, persuasive and charming
  • Imaginer – imaginative, reflective and calm

There are 72 different combinations of connections that can be made. No type is better or worse, dumber or smarter. Although the seminar went in-depth about certain traits, facial expressions and stressful triggers, the moral of the story is to keep an open mind that not everyone communicates the way you do.

Meeting smart colleagues in an interesting place is always a great way to reset your creative mindset. We’re thankful for another opportunity to share good discussions, good food and good fun with our AMIN partners. ‘Til next time!