321 Water Street

More than 30 years ago, Jim Simantel chanced upon and fell in love with the idea of owning water­front property in Peoria, Illinois. A half-burnt warehouse and a hand shake later, Simantel at 321 Water Street was born. (Well maybe it wasn’t by chance, but more on that in a bit).

Three decades later, our office is the creative lifeline for influential game-changers in the world of marketing and advertising. Simantel has moved from strength-to-strength through time. Fulfilling personal and creative needs of those inhabiting its nurturing space.

Some may say the energy at Simantel can be attributed to the magic hidden within the address of Simantel’s Peoria office; 3+2+1 = 6.

According to Gurus of Numerology, six is the number that nurtures, assists, collaborates, creates and motivates. It’s no wonder that Simantel thrives in this space.

In today’s world of smart technology and smarter people, talent can be recruited, but employee retention is a lot more difficult. The energy and culture of an organization has to happen organically. It’s not something that Human Resources can teach, but they can nurture it. This is something that Simantel makes a top priority. Ultimately, the success of our clients boils down to quality of our team.

“When speaking with candidates, we look for more than just skill sets. We look for personalities that will fit our organization and culture,” said Tanya Simpson, Director of Operations. “It’s not just about recruiting people to fill Simantel. It’s also about how Simantel can fill our people. It’s a two-way street, that’s how we look at retention,” she added.

“Employees first” is the mantra leaders at Simantel believe in and practice. Happy employees uplift the energy of a work space, productivity is enhanced, creativity flows and bottom lines are met and oftentimes exceeded. This model has proven to be successful. Since 2003, Simantel has grown from just 15 to 85+ employees.

“Not only is our physical growth essential, but the diversity and cultural differences within Simantel has expanded overtime as well,” said Simpson. “In a fast-paced industry, we found that our HR efforts have to be flexible to move with the shift that marketing is experiencing,” said Simpson.

Magic Behind the NumberI have seen first-hand how the energy of the number six translates into the interior space of the office and vibrates through the campaigns our team visualiz­es and churns out. The bonhomie that employees and clients feel within Simantel’s walls tells stories of compatibility, collaborative-ness, endless possibilities and tireless enthusiasm.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to the positivity of number six. Welcome to 321@Water Street.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Visit our careers page to find out more.