From the oil fields of Stanley, North Dakota to the red earth of the Pilbara in Australia, we’ve had team members on the move. We may be located in the heart of Illinois, but we love working worldwide.

As a proud member of the AMIN network, we’re connected to independent agencies in over 35 countries, spanning six continents. Thanks to our clients and our AMIN partners, we’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively during the past few months. Here are a few photos we’ve captured along the way.

Might as well kick things off with a pint of beer. A few team members took some time to enjoy a few of England’s best brews during their trip to Windsor.


We sent a crew to Tupelo, Mississippi after a tornado hit the area to capture photography of First Response Team of America, one of our nonprofit clients.


This spring, a few team members enjoyed the comforts of Sonoma, California during this year’s AMIN Sr. Executive Conference. There may have been a little wine tasting.


Leslie was brave enough to climb aboard this Cat Wheel Loader in Stanley, North Dakota. The word on the street is that she may have even taken control for a bit.


Scott and Susie took a second to pose for a picture in Paris, France, where they were meeting with AMIN partners and Cat Dealers on a global campaign.


Our Cat Global Mining team sent Dave to help direct a video shoot in Australia. It looks like he made a new friend while he explored downtown Perth.


Misty couldn’t get over her mountain view in Vevey, Switzerland, where she traveled to collaborate with our AMIN Partner B+G.


Erin (Misty’s travel companion) made sure to pose for a picture outside of the hotel in Montreaux, Switzerland.


While in Austin, Texas for the Adage Small Agency Awards, Maggie hit the streets to find a fun bar. Of course, she found one that she thought was named after her.

Where will we go next? Nobody knows, but keep your eyes peeled for a Simantel team member near you.