Why Video?

Throughout our history, we’ve adapted and evolved to meet the latest industry trends and our clients’ needs. We’ve expanded our services to include research, web development, marketing automation and more. Now that we’ve announced that Water Street Media Works is joining Simantel, you may be wondering: Why video? Why now?

Here are just a few reasons for expanding these capabilities:


Our video needs have risen drastically in the past five years.

It’s hard to believe that we once outsourced video animation and motion graphics work. As clients began requesting these services more and more, we knew we had to expand to meet those needs. One video hire slowly grew into a small video suite. And now, thanks to Water Street Media Works, we can boast a team of eight. As the need continues to grow, so do we.


Video is a marketing essential, especially in the digital age.

Did you know YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-24 than any cable network? (YouTube)

Online video is here to stay. It’s gone from a “nice-to-have” to a client must. Video is a powerful player in content marketing, increasing the likelihood of a communication sticking. We know video increases message retention and can better engage visitors on a website. This change allows us to make video services more accessible for our clients, thanks to a wider range of services and skill sets.


59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. (Forbes)

Specializing in B2B has kept our focus on those who have purchasing power within a company.

Creating content like whitepapers or news articles to reach that audience isn’t disappearing anytime soon, but executives’ preference for how they absorb content is changing. If video is how decision makers want to consume content, we need to adjust our services and provide that value for our clients.


Using video in an email reduces the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75%. (Eloqua)

We’ve recently expanded our marketing automation capabilities and are now a certified Eloqua provider for our clients. The bottom line is that video can have a large impact on nurturing leads into and down the sales funnel. As we continue to evolve our marketing automation know-how, it’s important for us to continue expanding our ability to create quality content. Video is a very large part of that.


Right place. Right time. 

We’ve had a valuable working relationship with Bob Wojda and his team at Water Street Media Works for several years. As we looked for ways to expand our editing, animation and motion graphics capabilities, an opportunity with Water Street Media Works presented itself. Our past experience with Bob and the quality of the team’s work made joining forces a relatively easy decision. We can’t wait to show everyone the services that our new group can provide.

For more information on the new motion media team, please view the news release or head back to the home page