Half of American workers don’t use all their vacation days. Don’t let that be you. Don’t spend your summer executing campaigns at your desk and don’t let your campaigns flop in the summer heat.

Here’s the good news, thanks to marketing automation platforms you can let your campaigns run automatically while you frolic in the sun.

These platforms (like the one we use, Oracle Eloqua) allows you to pre-schedule your email sends or set-up auto-triggered campaigns that activate based on behavior. While you’re out enjoying your summer, you can be creating dynamic journeys for your customers – without skipping a beat.


Marketing Automation Features to Try This Summer

Goal: More Robust Communication
Feature: Multi-Step Campaign

Do you spend time doing single blast emails? Try a multi-step campaign instead. The next email can be pre-scheduled to go out after a certain timeframe or based on the reader’s activity.

  • This allows for more robust communication verses a simple email campaign, and actions can be triggered based on a contact’s behavior.
  • If you’re using Eloqua like we are, take five to watch this video tutorial on how to set up multi-step campaigns.


Goal: Lock It Down
Feature: Security Settings

If you’re looking for an extra piece of mind while you’re on the beach, consider using security settings. This will ensure that both internal and external users have the access they need, and only the access you approve.

  • For an administrator who is protective of their campaigns, the asset security settings can be adjusted to determine which users can activate, view or edit a campaign.
  • For Eloqua users, take a minute to learn more about setting this up.


Do you have a trusted user or Eloqua partner that keep watch over the campaigns while you’re away? You can also grant them special permissions in your absence.

  • Grant campaign activation approval to certain users or user groups.
  • Read these instructions on setting campaign activation permissions in Eloqua and give it a try.


Goal: Don’t Stop the Customer Journey
Feature: Wait Step and End Date Notifications

Go ahed and tell your boss that you’re taking another week off by utilizing these controlled release options.

  • Campaign wait step notifications allow the marketer to receive notifcations when a contact enters a wait step in a multi-step canvas.
  • In Eloqua, notifications can be accessed from the Marketing Operations Center. Learn more about setting up a wait step notificaiton.

Wait Step-v2

Has your team been caught off guard by campaign end dates? They’re required, but now you can get a heads up before the end date arrives. Platforms like Eloqua allow for campaign end date notifications so you don’t come back from vacation to any surprises!

  • Don’t let an on-going campaign, such as a nurture program, end without your knowledge. Receive an email notification when the campaign is approaching its end date.
  • Select the user(s) and the timeframe for the campaign completion notification. You can select one, two or five business days before.
  • For Eloqua users, notifications can be accessed from the Marketing Operations Center. Learn more about setting up a campaign end date notification.

End Dates

Goal: Stay In Control, Even When You’re Gone
Feature: Mobile Campaign Manager

And after all that, if you still would like to be on the pulse of your campaigns while cruising down Route 66, you can install Mobile Campaign Manager.

  • The Mobile Campaign Manager is a mobile site accessible from iOS and Android devices. The mobile site allows you to activate, deactivate and monitor campaigns all from your mobile device.
  • The site also allows you to schedule and unscheduled email campaigns. Here’s how you can activate it in Eloqua.

Mobile Manager