The Simantel team was once again honored to be a part of the Easter Seals Tribute Dinner, which this year admired Sister Judith Ann Duvall, Chairperson of OSF Healthcare System and Major Superior of The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. The event recognized all of the good Sister has brought to our community and to the children of Central Illinois—including a whopping $1 million, which Sister helped raise for Easter Seals so that the organization can continue to provide comprehensive services to children with developmental disabilities, delays and other special needs.

Sister Judith Ann inspired a sold-out room of attendees (us included) with her life story and journey of doing extraordinary good deeds for others. We learned Sister truly has a zest for living the “Good Life,” which was the theme of the evening, dedicating herself to caring for the sick and the poor with the greatest compassion and care. As Chairperson of OSF Healthcare System, it is Sister Judith Ann’s calling to make sure health care is first and foremost a sacred ministry. And she has special love for children, wanting them to recieve the best care possible—which makes her work for Easter Seals and Children’s Hospital a truly heavenly match.

Simantel enjoyed a wonderful evening and are grateful to be part of such a worthy cause.

[View the materials Simantel developed and contributed to the event here.]