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Get Close To Nature

Okay, maybe not THAT close.**

If you’re from around Central Illinois, you probably have fond memories of Wildlife Prairie Park. Maybe it was a fieldtrip when you were a kid in school, a family reunion, hikes with your family and friends or screaming at Wildlife Scary Park, the annual Halloween event. If you’ve visited the Park, chances are it has left its mark in your memory and found a permanent place in your heart. It just simply has that effect on people.

Wildlife Prairie Park is truly one-of-a-kind. It is home to over 150 animals (yep, there’s bears) living in their natural habitats. It boasts 15 miles of hiking and biking trails. There are lakes for fishing and canoeing, areas for wedding receptions and banquets and even lodging too. It’s just the coolest place around. And it’s probably one of the most affordable family attractions you’ll find in the area, costing less than your Netflix subscription. Plus it’s guaranteed to be more memorable (they won’t suggest a whole bunch of things you don’t want to see.)

So we are excited to announce that we have chosen the Park to be our 2015 Just Cause organization. Just Cause is an event where we donate our time to help an area non-profit with their marketing and fundraising efforts. We do it quickly and at no cost to the organization. To kick it off, Wildlife Prairie Park is hosting a free admission day on August 16th. If you haven’t been in awhile, you just have to go…and take a bunch of people with you! It’s awesome!

Simantel is proud to support Wildlife Prairie Park. And you should be too. The park is a critical part of our community. It contributes to our quality of life and offers us a chance to reconnect with our natural environment. Let’s face it: we need Wildlife Prairie Park as much as it needs us. So go on, get out there!

Join today. It’s easy to become a member and plan your next adventure…

** No bears or executive creative directors were harmed in the making of this photo. We do not recommend socializing with the bears.

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