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Getting to know you

Simantel is in Europe this week to meet with several of our global partners within the Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN). Today, our team is getting to know Thinking Juice, located in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Thinking Juice is an award-winning international ideas agency. And along with having the most creative name in the business, they were recently named “UK’s best mid-sized agency” for 3 years running.

Simantel is thrilled with this partnership and the added value it brings to its clients.

AMIN is a global network of independent agencies that collaborate in a confidential and non-competitive manner. Being involved with this group allows us to bring added value to our clients by having access to additional resources and expertise available to meet any challenge. It also gives us a global reach in 47 locations throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific, and North America.

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