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Goodbye and Hi!

“Hi, I’m Maggie Misselhorn. I’m one of the Owners of Simantel.”

I have introduced myself as an “An Owner of Simantel” countless times over the past 12 years, in prospective employee interviews, in business meetings and at community events. It’s how I have often identified myself. It’s how others have identified me as well. After December 15th, 2021, I will no longer be able to say those words. I will no longer have that privilege.

And what a privilege it has been.

When I announced my retirement to our team earlier this year, it was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was the first time I actually preferred being in a remote meeting with my co-workers rather than in person. I was a mess. It was strange and emotional. Although I’m usually all in for strange, most people who know me will tell you I don’t do emotional. It’s not my thing.

But right now, I’m emotional as hell. Why? Because I love the people who make up Simantel more than I can put into words. Yet here I am, trying to put it into words. I mean, words were my job for many years at the agency. But no writing has ever been as difficult as this. No words more meaningful. Because these words are for my team more than they are for anyone else reading this. But I promise you, if you are a client or someone who has any kind of relationship with Simantel, you will find immense value in knowing more about this group of people, who like me, have made Simantel their second home.

So Simantelites, this is to all of you:

First and most importantly, I am inspired daily by the good care you take of one another.  Whether in the work or in the changing tides of life, you are there for one another. Strong when  you need to hold each other up, and vulnerable when a soft landing is what will do the most good. This is what I value most in all of you because it means the agency has its priorities right – people come first, always.

Next, even though so many of you fall for my stupid-ass pranks and stories (over and over again,) please know I am in awe of your intelligence on the daily. Seriously, I find myself blown away by the depth of knowledge you all possess across so many clients and service areas within the agency. And you get there quick! One day I’m giving some new employees our brand presentation, and what seems like days later, I’m being schooled on a client’s content pillars by those same people. And our more senior team members dive so deep and connect so many dots on behalf of our clients. I was once told by a client that our team knew more and cared more about their business than the client did! (Don’t worry, I won’t disclose who said it. ;-)) The way in which you are all able to immerse yourself in the work and become experts on our clients’ business is astounding. This gives me confidence that Simantel’s brand is in very capable hands.

Then there’s your drive. Man, try to tell you guys “No” or “Hold off” on something you want to tackle (even when it’s for your own good) and watch out! But you know what, I secretly love that about you. It’s inspiring to see a team, sometimes so overwhelmed and pushing themselves beyond their limits already, come together and want to continue to rise to a challenge. This assures me that Simantel will never ever be complacent.

And I can’t talk about all of you without talking about the fun. It shows in your work, it makes it relatable and engaging – it makes it sing. I truly don’t think there’s another person on earth who has had more fun with more fun people than I have had in my 22 years at Simantel. The late-night-turned-early-morning presentation preps, the road trips to only-God-knows where in shitty rental cars, the holiday parties, the mornings-after holiday parties, and the thousands of times we laughed until we cried. I feel at ease knowing the fun-loving and casual personality of Simantel will live on.

Simantel LeadershipLastly, to some Simantelites from the past. Jim Simantel, our founder and visionary, thank you for taking a chance on me and allowing me an opportunity to be part of a place that has shaped me in so many ways. I gave some underdogs a chance at Simantel because you gave me one. I am forever grateful to you. Susie Ketterer and Kevin McConaghy, my former Partners at Simantel, thank you for believing in my abilities more than I did and for pushing me to go places I never would have gone on my own. I am more than I thought I could be because of the two of you. I love and respect you guys always.

And Misty and Tim, my current Partners, I have so enjoyed watching you two grow into powerhouse leaders over the years. Your passion and relatability fire our team up and keep fueling the agency forward. Thank you for understanding my decision, for supporting me in it and being happy for me in this great new chapter of my life. I love you guys and look forward to seeing the agency thrive under your partnership.

And now, to appropriately end my last official blog post for Simantel, I will not use a salutation, but rather, an introduction…

“Hi, I’m Maggie Misselhorn.”

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