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The Big Lil’ Book of CX

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a B2B marketer serving the infrastructure sector. And we know first-hand that your CX challenges are robust. In fact, we detail out the three most common challenges we hear from our infrastructure clients. But more importantly, this eBook will get at the heart of the solution — hint: it’s alignment. But that’s much easier said than done right. We truly believe that even though it can start out messy, alignment is the key to helping teams achieve better CX.

In this eBook, you will learn actual tips, tactics and be given tools that you can use today.

Download the Full eBook Here:

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Because your customers take their jobs seriously, we know you do too, and this eBook will help you think about your core challenge: “fitting in” to your customers’ lives — both inside (and outside) of the workday by being where they are when they’re thinking about what they need.

This is a tough challenge given that in virtually every industry, the speed and pace of work in our world are changing at a rapid pace — not only for us but for our customers and their customers. Technology has enabled more sharing, more data and more information available from every person, every piece of equipment and every device. Every element of our world is becoming more and more connected because of the signals data enables.

Connection Enabled by Data

Data, at its core, is just an opportunity to connect one thing to another. And as marketers, if we understand the points of connection (or opportunities for connection, if phrased another way), we have the power to change the way we reach customers, develop and distribute product, and ultimately create value for every customer in the value chain.

So, why is this important to our core cause? Because in a world of highly connected operations, data supports a much broader story that is unfolding. And we can share with our leaders and our companies to support the strategies we’re trying to build for our customers.


But, It’s People at the Root of Connection

Behind the machines and the hard work are people. And these people want you to speak to them based on logic but make decisions based on emotion. There’s no arguing this. That’s how the brain works. And, when you combine logic and data with emotional connection — we have the power to change minds and hearts, unlike almost any other discipline in business.

To do this, we must understand that every layer of the value chain in these industries sees their jobs as a 24/7 commitment. Personal relationships are paramount. Financial decisions are many. And safety — yes, even saving lives — is top of mind for these customers. “Hard work” means making a living to many, and it’s our job as marketers to help these critical workers gain momentum by making their lives easier, meaning removing as much friction as possible in the tasks and decisions they are making every day.


Targeting a Bigger Purpose

To continue to do our “hardworking marketing” jobs well — we need to first acknowledge we’re no longer solely selling our company’s brand image or products. Rather, we’re targeting a bigger goal. We’re helping the brands we serve continue a relentless focus on their customer’s success to ultimately power and enable the world to keep churning. That’s a pretty big purpose and one we can’t take lightly. There are real outcomes associated with our work, but sometimes seeing all the way to the end-user is hard.


The Way to Winning

In a world of industrial consumerism, the way to win is to live at the intersection of where B2B buyers’ decisions are made but look more like B2C in the way information is delivered.

And to be the most strategic marketers we can be — we need to see the connections between the industries, products and distribution arms that serve the hardworking man and woman doing the work. But we must start with understanding. For a full version of the eBook, fill out the form to download it for free or reach out to us at to get the conversation started.

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