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Our Arms are Longer Than They Look

That’s right…our arms may look normal, but we actually have a global reach. For an agency rooted in the heart of the Midwest, I bet you didn’t expect to hear that we’ve worked in South America, Africa, Turkey, the UK and more. How do we do it? We partner with 50 other fiercely independent agencies from 30 countries around the globe to learn and grow from each other and support our global client base. This collaborative alliance is called the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN) and it’s packed with award-winning talent and experience across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Beyond Translations

For us, AMIN has become more than just a club or a membership stamp that we put on our website. We are collaboratively working together to continue pushing our industry forward. Long gone are the days of creating an ad and just getting it translated into another language. We work with our agency partners to get on-the-ground, local insights that impact the approach – and in turn, how the brand experience resonates with customers, beyond just language. The network provides us with unparalleled access to resources, a deep understanding of the latest technology and industry trends that continue to change and evolve.

Knowledge of a Global Agency, Agility of an Independent

AMIN has created a model that works better, we believe, than what the multi-national agencies, consultancies and niche local partners can provide. And the best part of the AMIN network is the ‘I’, which stands for independent. Every agency that is a member of the network is independently owned. Which means no hierarchy, no red tape and no nonsense. This allows Simantel to remain quick and agile, yet have access to global insights at our fingertips.

In this fast moving, always on world that is getting smaller by the minute (thank you internet), global experiences just cannot be created in silos anymore. Creating a consistent experience across global channels is more important than ever.

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