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Distribution Network Know-How

Crafting customer experience strategies cannot happen in a silo inside corporate headquarters. Well, it can (and unfortunately sometimes does) but it won’t produce the same results that co-creation does when the front-line of customer experience delivery is engaged in the process. And in the B2B space, oftentimes that frontline is the distribution network. They are there at key moments in the customer journey and can make or break the experience. And the experience expectations in this world of industrial consumerism means B2B companies and their distribution partners need to collectively embrace their “inner retailer” and deliver outstanding service quality.

From Consideration to Conversion…and Beyond

B2B companies understand that their customers’ purchase journeys spans potentially long periods of time and definitely multiple channels. So, brands and their distribution networks must interact seamlessly along the sometimes long and winding buyer’s journey to create an exceptional end-to-end experience. And guess what, that includes post purchase. The interactions, either digital or in-person, after buying a product or service are some of the most important in creating loyalty while driving additional revenue to distributors as well as back to the brand.

A Common Vision

Simantel helps brands and their distribution networks build and rally around a common vision for customer experience that starts, well, with the customer. Our journey with clients is a backward engineering of sorts. It begins with the customer, understanding their behaviors, motivators, and the context of their world. We engage the frontline so that they have a deeper understanding of these customers and play an active role in helping to build consumer-type experiences and the construct needed to deliver them consistently. All the while, working with the brand and optimizing end-to-end to create fusion between the needs of the enterprise and ever-changing customer expectations. It’s an always on, real-time, multi-channel world and Simantel creates well-built and well-orchestrated CX strategies for B2B companies to thrive in it.

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