What are we? Where are we going? It was time for Simantel and Google to have “the talk”.

We are now officially a Google Partner. When it comes to media, we mean business. And it’s not that we didn’t before, because we have been dating for years. But we decided it was time to take our relationship to the next level and show our commitment to paid media as part of our clients’ overarching marketing strategy.

So, what does this mean?

It means that Google has recognized Simantel for our skills and expertise in both search and display advertising. Our in-house team is certified and creating, managing, measuring and optimizing campaigns on a daily basis. As a Google Partner, we are privy to a range of benefits including special events and trainings, industry research and more. This badge now recognizes the tremendous amount of insight, talent and knowledge that our long-standing strategy team has had for years.

The sheer amount of data about our clients’ target audience can be overwhelming and paying for a Google ad to target them isn’t just good enough – it takes a well thought out strategy, efficient implementation and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Read more about how to Get Real About Data and keep an eye out for this badge when looking for a media partner.

Here are three advantages of working with a Google Partner:

Google Partner

  1. Work with Certified Professionals – To earn a partner badge, a company must have employees with current Google AdWords certifications.
  2. Be One of the Firsts – Partners have access to Google’s beta features, which means being first in line to test new features on behalf of clients.
  3. Keep Up with Best Practices – Partners are required to show they are employing best practices and driving revenue for clients.

The media landscaping is booming. Are you ready? The good news is, Simantel is!