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The Enterprise + BU Connection

People don’t usually describe a company as a “heavily-matrixed organization” because, let’s face it, it doesn’t roll off the tongue and it doesn’t sound nimble and responsive, right? But by design, matrixed companies are meant to be just that, nimble and responsive. Large enterprises have historically built silos in business units or product groups and now see the importance of connecting these silos and getting internal structures and hierarchy out of the way. All in an effort to quickly respond to customer needs in the most efficient and effective way. Add to this scenario many cross-functional, virtual and global teams and you can see why matrixed organizations still exist and why they are quickly evolving to keep pace with always-on customer experience expectations.

We Like Dots

Many of our clients in these matrixed organizations look to Simantel to help them connect dots across the enterprise and assist in creating meaningful customer experiences with their brand. Sometimes this means identifying when strategic business unit KPIs are at odds with one another, with the enterprise or even with their customers and getting them aligned. But every time, it means having a deep understanding of the customer and their needs, identifying the moments that matter the most in their journey and creating a fusion between customer expectations and enterprise goals.

Managing the Matrix

Through collaborative workshops, iterative project plans and an obsession with over-communication, we manage the matrix and close knowledge gaps. We help orchestrate our clients’ internal and external partner ecosystem to optimize roles and create efficiencies. And sometimes, we find Simantel is the enduring cog in the hub as team members move in and out of the project or on and off teams. We serve as the repository of intellectual capital and the echo of the voice of customer so that and we are able to maintain momentum to keep the work moving forward and consistently on strategy.

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