Simantel is a proud member of the Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN). In fact, our own Susie Ketterer is the president of AMIN America, an impressive collection of 29 independent marketing agencies. The AMIN network empowers members to exchange ideas and experiences, helping one another learn about best practices in different geographic regions and industries.

Four Simantel employees attended the AMIN Integrated Conference hosted by Portland-based agency, Sasquatch. This year’s conference theme was “Pioneering Change,” challenging creative, media and PR leaders to lead their marketing efforts boldy into the future with new technologies and strategies.

Here are some key conference take-aways from the Simantel team that attended:

Susie Ketterer, Principal 

I was struck by how closely the emerging “service design” companies (a combination of architecture, design and experience) are aligned with our goals to build brands.
These companies have gained popularity in Europe and there is opportunity in the US to capitalize on this. We have always been focused on experiential design at some level, particularly with events and trade shows, but could we partner with companies like this in the future to take brand delivery to a new level?
I was also reminded how relevant mobile interaction must: entertain, inform, alert, direct, connect, choose wisely, save money and increase efficiency.
As agencies transition to become more digitally-driven and data capable, creativity has NEVER been more important. Because if your creative idea isn’t strong, being integrated, digital, automated and holistic won’t make it happen.
Having a culture where creative thinkers can come and expect to do the best work of their lives, and have fun doing it, is critical to success.

Tiffany Britt, Digital Strategist

“The trend has been that mobile is winning, but it has now won,” — Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google.

Although the majority of customers connect with brands on mobile and revenue is influenced by mobile, brands are not adapting as quickly. This is unfortunate because mobile offers a huge opportunity to reach consumers on their most intimate device in a very personal and relevant way. ​

Maggie Whalen, VP, Executive Creative Director

A certain level of chaos in our business is not only to be expected, it should be extolled. When we embrace chaos we’re better able to adjust to constant change because we’re not blindly following a process map. Being comfortable with chaos allows us to use speed as a tool, capitalize on chance events and be preemptive in our ideas to our clients.

Mid-sized, independently-owned agencies like Simantel are perfectly poised to take the lead here because we’re more agile, less layered and we think like entrepreneurs.

Kelly Stonebock, Agency PR Manager

I really enjoyed David Luhr of Wieden+Kennedy and his talk on reinventing advertising. I love that W+K ads celebrate the human element.

That talk, in conjunction with others at the conference, served as a strong reminder to keep finding the human aspects of our work. Don’t use mobile pushes selfishly as an advertiser — understand your customers’ habits and wants. Respect them by designing something that enhances their lives instead of disrupting them.

Start with the human focus and design outwards. Don’t think, “Our goal is to use X technology.” Start with the idea that speaks to a simple truth and then flesh out the execution with what technology best delivers the message.

I think that concept is really important as trends lean towards automation. We’re not robots and neither are customers.

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