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Content Marketing 101

Marketers sure love a buzzword. One term that is transitioning from buzzword to commonplace is “content marketing.” Yesterday we tackled the concept of content marketing in the B2B space for our first Simantel Siminar of 2014 entitled, “Why Content Wins in B2B Marketing.”

Here are three quotes we shared that give insight into content marketing:

Useful Information Leads to Rewards

This great quote from the smart people over at the Content Marketing Institute helps illustrate that content marketing is about customer empowerment. Sharing smart content not only stresses that you know your industry, but can help you build trust among your consumer base. Trust, then, can lead to sales and brand retention.

Content Strategy Is Not Content Marketing

Though often used interchangeably, content strategy and content marketing are not the same. Here Michael Brenner reminds us that content strategy is a brand’s larger approach to knowing where and how to reach customers. Content marketing is the thing you give those consumers once you find them.

Conversation — Not Content — Rules

Author, journalist and activist Cory Doctorow stated this well. While a popular phrase, “Content is king” ignores who made, shared and discussed the content. People, emotion and ideas matter more in content marketing than the product (content) itself.

Thanks to all who attended our Siminar. If you’re interested in attending a future Siminar about a marketing trend, please email Misty Dykema at


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