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Content Production: Your Solution for Content at Scale

So, what is content production? It’s the process of creating large volumes of articles, videos, media assets, webpages and more in support of a full content strategy. At Simantel, we’ve established an entire team whose sole purpose is to serve our clients’ content needs. They produce a lot of marketing content. And because they only work with batches or series of content, they do it quickly, they do it efficiently and they usually do it in less time than standard campaign work.

What does “series of content” mean?

Content is any copy, imagery, video, social or other assets used to promote products or services or attract, engage or retain customers for marketing purposes. Our content production team works with batches of content, or series of content, creating several pieces with the same messaging and look and feel to increase efficiencies.

How do you do that?

The sole focus of Simantel’s content production team is on producing content. They make sure they fully understand what’s needed during a project kickoff, so they can just crank the content out. And because the messaging and look are already figured out before it goes to them, they can move quickly.

What makes content production great, and why do I need it?

We realize that people want more and more marketing content, and they usually want it faster. With a team that only focuses on creation or execution, it’s like a production line. Because we create a template at the beginning that outlines exactly what is needed, our workflow is smoother, and our timelines are usually shorter. It can cost less because we remove extra touchpoints and multiple rounds of revisions.

How do I know if content production is right for me?

Generally, it’s a good fit if …

  • It’s a series of work (a series could be anything from three to 300).
  • It can be created around a template.
  • A lot of assets are needed.
  • The messaging strategy and creative look are already developed.
  • There is detailed reference or subject matter experts (SMEs) to inform the content.
  • The project is quick and straightforward with minimal reviews and approvals.

Why templates?

Basically, a template is just an outline that details all the needs of each piece of content. With a template, we can make sure we’re hitting the mark again and again as we work through the series.

What about the quality?

We have strategists, project planners and art directors all dedicated to producing good work, the same quality of work you expect from everyone at Simantel. Our content production team can produce anything you need as long as it’s a series or a batch of content.

Who’s in the loop?

The Simantel content production and client teams work together “behind the scenes.” Staying in contact through the entire process ensures everyone on the Simantel side is aligned and knows what’s going on. They also make sure clients are fully aware of the process and the progress they’re making.

The content production team can also work directly with clients on production-only projects. Either way, we’ll sweat the details of execution, so you can focus on other marketing efforts.

More content, delivered faster.


What’s the process?

With a dedicated team whose only job is to create a series of marketing content efficiently, our solution is to work in batches or sprints to deliver what you need. Here’s an overview:

  • ALIGNMENT & HANDOFF: We meet directly with you or your Simantel client team to fully understand project needs and creative direction.
  • TEMPLATES: We create a template – for each content type – that outlines exactly what’s needed.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY PRODUCTION: For each deliverable series, we use the same template and a simplified workflow to move faster.
  • REVIEWS: We keep the number of reviews and revisions tight so work keeps moving. We also use collaborative tools and an online workspace so that everything is easy to find.
  • LAUNCH: Finally, we push to workflow, send to media, publish – whatever you need!

What kind of content do you produce?

Short answer: any series of work that can be templatized. Here are a few things we’ve created so far:

Ready to get started?

Talk to your client services team about your marketing content needs. They’re familiar with our content production services and can explore if it’s a good fit.

Not a current client? No sweat. Reach out. We’d love to chat.

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