As a member of the Advertising & Marketing Independent Network (AMIN) we have the pleasure of working with over 50 of the best independent marketing firms across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

And now China.

AMIN recently welcomed their first ever Chinese partner, Bintang, to the network. Bintang is an award-winning, full-service agency with an expertise in digital marketing, specifically mobile and programming. They represent multiple global brands including Caterpillar, Michelin and Nestlé.

Our longtime client Caterpillar helped us take note of Bintang’s impressive work. They were then introduced to Simantel, which ultimately connected the Chinese agency to the network.

“We are very excited to have Bintang on board and expand AMIN’s footprint into China,” said AMIN Board Member and head of global recruiting, Kevin Flynn. “Bintang is instrumental in furthering the mission of AMIN, which is to increase the reach of members and clients through industry expertise and knowledge of emerging trends. Just another great example of independent agencies coming together for the greater good of the client,” he added.

AMIN members are independently owned, but we collaborate seamlessly to successfully meet any challenge – and you know how we love a good challenge.

Our Simantelites turned to Mandarin for Dummies to personally welcome our new friends from Bintang to the AMIN family…or try to at least. We’ll keep working on it.


The Day We Tried to Speak Mandarin from Simantel on Vimeo.

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