Simantel is proud to have worked with Ameren Corporation in creating television spots that aired during the 2012 London Olympics coverage on NBC-TV.

Were you one of the 30-40 million people with Olympics fever? If so, we were right there with you. During NBC’s televised coverage of thrilling backflips, backstrokes and 200-meter sprints, you may have noticed spots airing for Ameren Corporation. We’re proud to say that we worked with Ameren in concepting, writing and producing these spots, along with placing the media buy that was broadcast throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Though the spots weren’t created specifically for the Olympics, we saw an opportunity to reach a larger audience to deliver Ameren’s current message. That message is intended to inform audiences about customer safety and community service—carrying out Ameren’s promise of Focused Energy. For Life.Each one featured real Ameren employees, because we know that employees make Ameren’s best public ambassadors. The two spots that aired build on previous spots about energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart grid improvements.