The media landscape is rapidly evolving. As a client, so are your communication needs. What once held true is now outmoded, and you’re constantly being asked to analyze and justify your marketing spend.

At Simantel, we not only appreciate change … we embrace it in our approach to media.


In the 1960’s the creative drove the media buy. The big idea came first, and it was pushed out to a pretty broad audience. Everybody consumed the message via print, TV or radio during that era—and there were only three big television networks available to deliver it. Everybody talked about it, but then again they had very limited options.


Only about 15-20 years ago, this model rapidly changed. Thanks to the explosion of cable, radio and Internet channels, all of your consolidated audiences began to split. They grew fragmented based on user preference and behavior. Specialized media-buying firms started to spring up, to capitalize upon the new data available about the people for whom you directed your message.

At this stage of the game, it became more important for clients to discern, “Who are my customers, where are they, and how do I communicate to them?” Media began to influence creative like never before.


Today, media models continue to change: media buying and placement goes hand-in-hand with strategic development and creative execution. A more focused approach is at work to connect with consumers in a very tailored way—using big ideas that are scalable and flexible to be framed for specific audiences.

For the digital world, platforms like social media have shattered the traditional “push messaging” approach and caused clients to consider how to generate brand advocates to disseminate and shape a message—whether through paid, earned or owned channels. Also, near real-time reporting analytics allows for constant optimization with the ability to tweak the strategy—including mediums utilized—and the creative messaging after implementation.


Simantel’s approach to media not only recognizes this evolution—we embrace it. It takes a special, talented team to translate data into actionable knowledge … turning audience research insights into strategic recommendations and creative solutions that produce measurable results.

Our new, strategic partnership with True Media is living proof of this commitment.

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