Starting April 1, 2013, Simantel will enter a new strategic partnership with Columbia, Missouri-based firm True Media in a strategic effort to enhance our media capabilities. Simantel and True Media are still separately owned companies—it’s how we work together that is proprietary and powerful.

This partnership brings a tremendous amount of insight, talent and knowledge to Simantel’s longtime media department—enabling our team to further expand upon the latest audience research and analytics reporting tools, while strengthening our strategic planning and digital optimization skills.

“This is truly exciting news. Strategy is at the heart of our business and we can leverage our partnership with True Media to better inform our strategies for greater targeting and success,” said Susie Ketterer, Simantel Principal. “We’ve been engaged with True Media over the past year and this collaboration solidifies our relationship in a way that will bring added value. It’s a differentiator in our business.”

The media landscape is changing. Are you ready?

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Photo: The Simantel team rallies around the embedded True Media staff.

More about the partnership
True Media is a full-service media firm that uses database analysis and external marketing efforts to better understand consumer behavior. The company serves clients across North America and is, along with Simantel, a member of the Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN)—a global alliance of independent agencies that collaborate in a non-competitive manner.

As part of this strategic partnership, three True Media employees will be embedded on-site at Simantel’s Peoria, Ill., headquarters. Meanwhile, members of Simantel’s Client Services, Creative and Strategy departments will be able to tap into True Media’s data resources for B2C and B2B audiences, including preference/behavior analysis, and channel consumption trends—with access to advanced training on the latest and foremost research tools.

With this unparalleled access, Simantel can better develop brand strategies on the “front end” and continue to provide clients with robust reporting, analytics and campaign optimization on the “back end.”

“The sheer amount of data available about clients’ target audiences is breathtaking—from who they are to how they consume information to how they interact with, share and even shape messages about brands,” said Jack Miller, Owner, True Media. “But data is only useful when it becomes knowledge. And knowledge is only useful in the hands of the right team."

“Together, True Media and Simantel make a powerful team,” Miller said.

Core capabilities
This partnership will enhance Simantel’s core capabilities, which include:

  • Marketing Research, Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Business Communications
  • Employee Communications

It also will bolster True Media’s capabilities, including:

  • Traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper, out-of-home, directory, magazine, direct mail)
  • Interactive and digital media services (mobile marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, email, banner advertising)
  • Social media (monitoring, reputation management, coaching, custom channels)

“For our clients, the key takeaway is that Simantel will continue to serve as the single source for media needs,” Ketterer said. “But we’ll have easier access to research insights that strengthen strategic plans. We’ll have enhanced media-buying power, and we’ll have metrics reporting tools that help evolve campaigns, both in traditional and digital media. It’s a win-win for Simantel and our clients.”