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More Than Work: Building a Community with Jason Brown

As Simantel’s Insights Director, Jason Brown excels at designing studies and questionnaires, but is also creative and a storyteller. He’s a true mix of right brain and left brain. That’s why it’s no surprise that Jason quickly realized that work at Simantel means so much more than making data-driven decisions. Hear him detail how he experienced first-hand what it means to build a strong community.

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After about a year at Simantel, Jason was about to get out on the road and do what he was brought to the agency to do – conduct real-life qualitative interviews to help our team rebrand a legacy brand. Just as he was about to leave, a tornado ripped through Central Illinois destroying a town, including the homes of other Simantelites. After a call to his coworker, he learned that he was the first one to get through to make sure she was ok. And that’s the moment that Jason realized that it’s about much more than work – it’s building a community and the magic that can happen when we care about each other as friends, even as life happens.

To hear more, head over to and check out our very special Season 6 where you can hear a full interview with Jason and other Simantelites as they share their Point of Pride in celebration of our 40ish anniversary. Learn more about Jason.

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