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Easy-to-Use Content Tools: Empathy Map

Empathy MapIf you know who your audience is and you’re looking for the best content plan to resonate with them, this tool is for you. Download this Empathy Map to start defining how your audience thinks and feels, what they hear and say, and most importantly, their pains and gains.

This tool is best used alongside the Message Matrix tool. On the Message Matrix, you begin by defining your different audience segments. Then, using this Empathy Map, you key in even closer on their behavior, making it easier to complete the Message Matrix on the right message for each audience. So, if you have multiple audience segments, then it’s okay to have multiple empathy maps. This is a great exercise to do as a group for a variety of perspectives and experience related to your ideal audience.

If you’re interested in this Empathy Map tool, you might also be interested in downloading the Customer Journey Map, Message Matrix, Content Framework, Content Audit Template and Content Tracker Template.

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