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Easy-to-Use Content Tools: Message Matrix

Message MatrixIf you’re working on a content strategy that needs to speak to different audiences, this tool is for you. Download this Message Matrix to define the goal and key messages that will resonate with each audience segment. For this example, we used employees, stakeholders and customers. But your audience profiles might be different; customers could even be broken down into new customer, returning customer and long-term loyal customer.

This is just one of the many tools that Simantel uses when working through a content strategy with our clients. If you already have an established message matrix, we would suggest going through this exercise again. Now’s the time to reassess and make sure you’re taking all of your audiences into consideration. This is a great exercise to go through on your own or with a group of subject matter experts.

If you’re interested in this Message Matrix tool, you might also be interested in downloading the Customer Journey Map, Content Framework, Content Audit Template, Empathy Map and Content Tracker Template.

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