Digital has changed business forever. Marketing continues to experience a radical challenge all under the flag of ‘innovation’. How people consume information has completely revolutionized how teams work together in marketing organizations.

The convergence of marketing technology isn’t a new concept, but it’s surprising just how many professionals still work in silos – both literally and figuratively. Back in 2014, even Google was talking about How Technology Makes Creative More Intelligent. That sandbox can be rocky and bumpy, alluding to the misconception that one function is better than the other.

“Digital cannot live without creative, creative cannot live without the evolution of where digital is going,” said Jake Beyhl, Creative Director at Simantel. Jake and I sat down to discuss more, watch our full Quick Take below.


We’re Better Together

With our clients, we have found that creative and technology practitioners create, find, uncover and convert customers in every touchpoint of their work. Although these practices are very different, the symbiotic relationship between the two is undeniably powerful in delivering business outcomes. Here are some tips on how to better work together for the greater good:

  • Consult your creative director and your technology director TOGETHER early on in the project and bring in the right subject matter experts at the start
  • Conduct an audit and relevant research prior to beginning work
  • Agree on goals so both teams are working toward the same outcome
  • Avoid working in silos and make sure to schedule regular touch base meetings
  • Embrace diversity and stay open minded to other perspectives
  • Test, test and retest throughout the project, not just at the end
  • Ultimately, put the customer at the center of your focus

Outside of the traditional IT departments and Mad Men board rooms, global teams are shucking comfortable establishments and exploring new structures and workflow that foster collaboration from day one.

The Greater Good

Working together will ultimately reflect positively on both teams. And remember, it’s ok to admit when you need help from the right subject matter expert. Here are benefits all parties can reap from a successful partnership:

  • Saving money and avoiding scope creep
  • Improving efficiency through less rounds of revision
  • Building a library of potential solutions for future projects
  • Reaching the right target audience with personalized content
  • Creating a better customer experince
  • Enhancing performance resulting in more conversions

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We’re Better Together

When creative and technology experts work together, magic happens. And this is when you can truly push your brand into cutting edge marketing, like with AR and VR.

Sometimes it’s really uncomfortable – these teams speak different languages, see the world differently and have different priorities and criteria. But where there is magic there is no comfort – a good thing to keep in mind next time you’re in a room of unlike-minded team members