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Content Production Showcases the Cat® Reman Process

If you haven’t yet worked with the Simantel Content Production team, you’re missing out. The team was developed in response to client content needs; they want high-quality content, and they need it fast. To meet high-flow content needs, Content Production is the strategy and execution team that gets the work done!

Curious how they do it? Content Production eliminates extra touchpoints to streamline the activation process. After a robust handoff from the client team, Content Production can take the topic ideas and focus on timely execution. So when clients come with content requests, Content Production takes off running.

The Ask: Cat® Reman

Cat® Reman celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2023. And after five decades, there’s a lot to share about the complexities of remanufacturing. Taking old, worn-out core and bringing it back to like new condition is a highly technical process, one that’s difficult to distill down for customers. A collaboration with Simantel client services teams and Content Production resulted in better-than-ever Cat Reman articles delivered on time and in scope.

Here’s where the project started: The Simantel team first pitched a series of articles on a range of topics in fall 2021. The initial batch of content included 10 article topics explaining the behind-the-scenes processes that are typically hidden from public view.

Sounds easy, right?

Not so fast!

Describing the technical details, conducting subject matter expert interviews and making the Cat Reman process clear for readers proved difficult. In fact, the initial 10 articles took about a year to publish. To help expedite the process, the Simantel Cat Reman client group met with Content Production to partner on delivering the articles more quickly.


Crushing Deadlines and Client Expectations

Let’s start at the top. The Cat Reman-Content Production collaboration began with a robust handoff to start the work. The Content Production team asked critical questions about the client expectations, Cat Reman best practices and some of the challenges writing about remanufacturing. With this information in hand, Content Production was able to get down to business.

We’ll let you in on a secret, though: Content Production is like the ideal houseguest. They always want to leave a project better than they found it. And that’s certainly the case with the Cat Reman project.

Before the writing began, Content Production pitched a new strategy to improve the articles. Some of the more complex topics were broken up across an article miniseries, technical quotes were paraphrased and more context into the processes was provided. Rather than holding to the 10-article series, the Content Production team remained nimble and optimized for readability. These revisions hit the mark, and the clients were pleased.

The Results

Are you ready for the final breakdown?

Ultimately, Content Production delivered 13 Cat Reman articles and crafted a content plan for four more based on the initial 10 topics. The clients are happy with the work so far and intend to produce another batch of Cat Reman articles later in 2023.

In a world of ever-increasing amounts of content, you need the upper hand in developing new strategies for engaging audiences. And doing so isn’t a walk in the park. As demonstrated by the Cat Reman project, Content Production is an incredible resource for clients who want to keep striving for new ideas and continually improve their content.

Think Content Production might be a good fit for your content goals? Reach out to learn more about how the Simantel Content Production team delivers high-quality content – on time and on budget.

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