The LG Seeds BIG campaign was created as a simple, attention-getting and flexible platform.

This messaging was applied to:

  • Print ads to be visually interesting while portraying the exclusive genetics message
  • A Seed Guide with customer testimonials allowing customers to tell the genetics and yield story
  • Billboards to portray “high yields” in a quick, succinct manner
  • TV commercial and radio spot for national recognition
  • Three-part direct mail to existing customers to promote yield results, product advantages and early-order savings
  • A two-part prospect communication: part one was a cutting board, yield information and incentive to contact local salespeople; part two was a high-end knife set hand-delivered by a salesperson to personally engage with the prospect.

While these items were created with a national scope in mind, they can be adjusted to contain a more regional message.


The BIG campaign was a big success. The end of 2011 showed …

  • A 21% increase in LG Seeds sales.
  • A complete sellout of several products.
  • That LG Seeds is retaining customers gained through process and has risen from No. 20 to within the top 10 seed manufacturers in the U.S.

2012 B2 Award winnerThe campaign received an Award of Excellence from the Business Marketing Association under the division: Marketers – Marketing, Brand and Communications Strategy – Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy.