Better Together

40 years. An awful lot changes in that amount of time, but our relationship with Caterpillar has only gotten stronger with age. It all started back in 1982ish, when Caterpillar gave Simantel our first Cat project – a simple trifold brochure. Since then, we’ve led countless other creative and strategic endeavors that have spanned the globe. It’s unheard of for a client-agency relationship to last four decades, yet here we are, killing it.


Tough Brands

We know hardworking brands. We are one. We work tirelessly to learn what makes Caterpillar – and Cat customers – tick. Because of our rich history with Caterpillar, we understand the company, the products and services they offer and the distribution network. We leverage all the right data so that Cat customers have the information they need at the right time, and in the right place. We’re ready for anything, even if that means we need to staff up, get trained or invest in technology to do so.


Making Magic Happen

When you are this good at something, you want the whole world to know. We make that dream come true for Caterpillar. While we have won many awards for our creative work, we are also good at personalizing content, putting a data and technology strategy in play and truly implementing a cross-channel environment to meet the customer wherever they are on their big yellow journey.


Smart Partnership

We don’t play favorites. But if we did, our favorite thing might be the partnerships we’ve made with the people and industries we respect. And our stellar relationships have taken us and Caterpillar’s programs far. Because of the relationships we’ve built across the organization, we have built a Smart Email program bringing together multiple business units to deliver one dynamic email to customers based on their digital body language. This means there could be up to 14,000 versions of that one email that is personalized to the reader. Now that’s smart.

We work with Caterpillar, wherever they need us – globally, locally and at a moment’s notice.

We use automation to create custom-built smart emails that are effective across complex business units and product lines.

We even work directly with the Cat dealer network to facilitate dealer trainings, communications, lead routing and more.

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6+ years of partnering with Knapheide Manufacturing to reinvigorate a 160-year-old brand. Together, we pushed the boundaries and transformed an already successful truck manufacturer into a modern marketing machine that is now automated and rooted in analytics.


20+ years partnering with LG Seeds and evolving with an industry leader in agriculture. What started as a rebranding effort after an acquisition has come full circle; we recently helped LG Seeds with another rebrand as a result of adding four more companies to their growing portfolio.