At Simantel, having a positive impact on the goals of our business partners is what makes us tick. It’s a reward unto itself. But there are also times we’re privileged to work on a project that improves the quality of life for many, taking that fulfillment to a new level. That passion to make a difference is how we describe the opportunity to work with the OSF HealthCare Foundation.

Since 2015, Simantel has been working side-by-side with the folks at OSF HealthCare Foundation to transform healthcare through the gifts of donors and volunteers across the OSF Ministry. Our clients at the Foundation asked themselves, what if we were able to create one campaign that touched those in the furthest reaches of the Sister’s Ministry; one campaign that conveyed the mission of OSF at its base level but shows how philanthropic gifts can have a tremendous local impact for everyone served by OSF.



Combining input from administrative, medical and Foundation leaders with research on the ever-changing world of health care delivery put a focus on the role that all gifts can have. Those gifts of time, talent and treasure became the center of this effort.

As we pushed forward the people most impacted by these generous donations, it was emotion that was used as the connector. Life is the greatest gift we receive from God and it’s one full of possibilities.

The gIFt campaign focuses on the question “what if”…

What if we helped our communities understand sweeping health care changes—and made those changes work to our patients’ advantage?

What if our facilities combined the best of technology and comfort—so that better patient experiences meant better patient outcomes?

What if we invested in fueling our people’s passions—so that patients could see, feel and touch our ministry all around them, in everything we do?

What if one OSF could serve the individual needs of every person in our communities—regardless of the degree of care needed or ability to pay?

… and how the God’s gifts in each of us can answer these critical questions.

the gift

After developing the theme, we into creating a set of deliverables – case statement, brochure, photography, video, training, collateral and more – for each service line or location. As we supported the OSF team, programs were launched for Saint Mary Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Illinois, OSF Oncology, Illinois Neurological Institute and Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center.

These efforts will impact health care innovation and delivery to those impacted by OSF, without regard to social or economic status. You can see why everyone at Simantel is proud to be a part of bringing the message of “The gIFt” to fellow supporters of the OSF mission.